Northland District Health Board – Procurement

Northland District Health Board
Project description
Tender Management and Evaluation of the Consultant Procurement for the Maternity Unit extension and Linear Accelerator ( Radiation Oncology) Project.

“These projects are complex with high specifications. Finding the right consultants and contractors with the necessary skills and experience for these projects is vital and not always easy. When completed it will provide the community with a much-needed facilities. ”

This particular project has high specifications, and complexity. There are only a few companies operating within New Zealand that have the experience and knowledge to complete a project like this. It was important that the procurement process was fair, equitable and produced the most capable contractors for this job.  Our team of evaluators are highly trained professionals. We ensure that every procurement process is in line with our Government’s Procurement Rules, and is inclusive, transparent, and supports the sustainability of the NZ Economy.

Service detail


Managed and administered the Notice of Intent (NOI), Manage, and administered the open Tender Process via the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS), Manage, and administered the tender evaluation, Managed, and recorded any and all tender communications in accordance with the NZ Govt rules of procurement and probity. Drafted the Procurement recommendation report.

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