Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s - Scope’s construction project managers execute the project plan and manage communication with expert precision.

The construction or build phase of a project is where we see the detailed planning come together to realise the project vision. More than managing the physical construction of a project, Scope’s project management services and technical experience ensure that the project execution runs smoothly. Communication is key. From facilitating project steering committees to managing day to day communication between clients, contractors and subcontractors, the project management team becomes well-acquainted with everyone involved in the project. We conduct regular site visits and project control group (PCG) meetings and ensure all work is up to standard with producer statements and sign offs collected as construction phases are completed. Scope’s project managers work alongside our quantity surveyors to provide drawdown approvals and reporting, regular cost forecasting and manage contract variations as they come up.

Engineer to the Contract (ETC)

We’re experts in contract management with extensive technical experience in managing NZS3910:2013, NZS3916:2013 and NZS3917:2013 contracts. Scope offers Engineer to the Contract (ETC) services, our senior project managers are available to provide expert impartial advice and direction. We can also appoint an Engineer’s Representative to assist the ETC on contract execution, they are a Scope team member and are always overseen by the ETC.

Service detail

Contract Management

Manage the execution of NZS3910:2013, NZS3916:2013 and NZS3917:2013 standard construction contracts.

Engineer to the Contract (ETC)

Impartial, senior experts offer Engineer to the Contract services and oversee Engineers Representative services.

Communication Management

Manage communication between all parties involved in the project to ensure everyone is in the loop and the wheels keep turning efficiently.

Site Visits and Inspections

Our project management team conducts regular site visits, inspections of progress and collects producer statements and sign off documentation from suppliers and contractors.

Financial management

Scope’s quantity surveyors keep their finger on the pulse of project finances, including detailed drawdowns reports, forecasting and variation management.

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