Being a total project partner means being involved in projects well beyond their completion. Maintenance of a project to ensure its continued longevity is an integral part of the process.

From schools to hospitals, commercial buildings to bridges, the Scope team is involved in managing the long term maintenance of assets on behalf of our clients. Long term maintenance plans ensure an asset is kept in working order and adheres to all required building codes and standards. As with all other phases of construction projects, communication and attention to detail are key components of Scope’s maintenance work. We hold regular meetings to keep lines of communication open between clients and maintenance providers, manage the execution of maintenance contracts and conduct regular inspections.

Service detail

Maintenance Plans

Work with the client and maintenance provider to manage and execute long term maintenance plans and contracts.

Long Term Asset Management

Ensure asset longevity through well planned maintenance and upkeep, without the time involved in communication and contractor management.

Building Safety & Compliance

Keep assets up to regulations and building standards.

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