Whangarei Crematorium

Morris & Morris Funeral Services & Cemeteries
Project description
Decommissioning the old cremator and replacing it with a new cremator

“An insane project, 12-day-long activities programmed every 15 minutes.”

Trevor Griffiths

The old cremator had passed its use-by date and we were appointed to budget, procure, program, and monitor construction. The program date was depicted by mortuary capacity and hence there was no room for time to blowout. Every effort had to be made to ensure that services were not disrupted for an extended period.

Service detail

Project Management

Worked closely with the client and the main contractor throughout all phases of this project.

Contract Management

Managed the contract between the client and main contractor.

Quantity Surveying

Cost estimation and detailed cost reporting throughout the project.

Procurement and Installation

Managed the procurement and installation process throughout the project.

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