Morningside School New Classroom

Ministry of Education
Project description
Morningside School's four new modular classrooms were built in Auckland and assembled onsite.

“Replacements were required for some old and no longer fit-for-purpose classrooms which had been demolished. The most efficient method of delivery was to use a modular design.”

The new block has four classrooms, two breakout rooms and two sets of toilets and was comprised of 10 separate modules which were built off-site in Auckland trucked to Whangarei and assembled on-site.

The Scope team managed the project from the procurement through to completion, working closely with the client, the school, main and sub-contractors. Scope managed the contract on behalf of the client and the main contractor and was the Project Engineer to the Contract (ETC) representative.

Service detail

Project Management

Work closely with the main contractor, the client, the school and building module supplier.

Health and Safety

Manage and monitor the overall project health and safety alongside the main contractor and the school.

Contract Management

Establishing and managing the contract between the client and main contractor.

Procurement and installation

Manage the contract through procurement to construction completion.

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