The Bridge Canopy

Whangarei District Council
Project description
An iconic pedestrian bridge.

“The tight time frames made this project really interesting and now its such an integral part of Whangārei.”

Heather Tomason

The Rugby World Cup in 2011 saw a flurry of activity at the Town Basin which resulted in the new i-Site and the Whangārei Art Museum art galleries and state of the art storage at the Hub, the bridge canopy, the construction of a bus shelter and turning bay and the Art & Heritage Trail which forms part of the 4.2 kilometre walkway.

The Art Park was previously a boggy field and now is a mounded, grassed, paved and landscaped space featuring sculptures by top local artists and an account of Whangārei’s history along the trail both sides of the Hatea River.

The Canopy Bridge which was previously an old carpark won an international design award and now hosts the Artisan’s Fair weekly over summer and the annual White Plate Dinner.

Our role as Project Managers was to pull together all the components of the project comprising 255 local people in their businesses in four months to meet the start of the Rugby World Cup and enhance and beautify Whangārei’s Town Basin.

“While I was acting Mayor of Whangārei , Griffiths and Associates (T/A Scope) were appointed in early 2011 to work on the Whangārei District Council's 11 projects to be completed in time for the city's involvement with the Rugby World Cup 2011. The projects included the John Street Canopy Bridge, extended walkways, Art and Heritage Park, Town Basin Building removal, The Hub: Information Centre, Whangārei Art Museum, Town Basin Carpark works, Hub Forecourt civils and landscaping. I am pleased to say that we have had no adverse complaints, accidents or issues on the sites. These 11 projects worked around the clock and added many man hours to the region. We are very pleased with the outcome and the Whangārei District Council have received many complimentary messages on how these projects were managed.”

Phil Halse, Deputy Mayor

Service detail

Stakeholder Engagement

Facilitated meetings and engaged the community and all other stakeholders to complete this project

Project Management

Worked closely with the client and all contractors to complete this project.

Facilitation of Design Process

Facilitated the design process, with the consultant leading the design team through design stages to construction completion.

Contract Management

Establishing and managing the contract between the client and main contractor.

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